Dana Wilson 
Dana has been playing in bands sinse early high school totaling 30+ years! At age 7 Dana began with the 5 string banjo taking lessons for 13+ years. During this time he found himself solo playing on the street in his home town and at privet and public events. While focusing on the banjo Dana began teaching himself the guitar and at age 15, he and his friends founded a local garage band called “No Clue”. He worked on that project for several years growing it into a successful local cover/original band finding themselves in bars and clubs in New York, New Jersey and PA from Pittsburg to Philadelphia.
No Clue went through several lineup changes and a few name changes through the years but the core members Dana (guitars), Phil (bass) and Steve (drums) remained together until 2005. Indecision formed a year later based out of Quakertown and the LeighValley, PA With Dana (guitars/vocals) and Phil (bass) remaining together. Indecision currently enjoys great success as a local cover band in many Allentown and Philadelphia venues.
Throughout this entire time Dana studied guitar under the locally famed guitarist Joe Carmody as well as studied under the extremely talented jazz/classical guitarist Ed Kihm. Dana’s Guitar style and sound can be compared to Gary Moore a Blues/Metal guitarist best known for his solo career and with the band Thin Lizzy. Dana’s ability shows excellent rhythm and improvisational solo capabilities. Dana studied voice for several years with privet instructors helping him to find his way to the front of the band as the lead vocalist/guitarist of INDECISION!