Joe Tomasino


As far back as Joe can remember around 7 or 8 years old, Joe wanted to play drums. He recalls sitting on the kitchen floor with turned upside down pots and wooden spoons making drum sounds. This lasted for many years because buying a drum set was out of the question. Finally in his mid-teens Joe signed up for formal drum lessons. Joe’s teacher was Carl Wolf. Mr. Wolf was in his 50s and had a no nonsense attitude about him. Joe was scared of Mr. Wolf which made him practice several times a day 7 days a week so he would be fully prepared for the weekly lesson. Around that time Joe saved enough money to buy his first drum set.

During the next 40 years Joe played in various bands and jammed with many up and coming players. Joe grew up in the 70’s so he favors classic rock as well as rock/country blues, etc… Joe likes to be a busy drummer and provide a full sound coming from his drum kit. A little more than 12 years ago Joe had reconnected with Dana and together assembeled Indecision. Although the band has gone through several lineup changes, Joe, Dana and Phil have remained together and have hit the local scene as a power rock trio.